My sister never fails to surprise me

I admit I am a spoiled little sister. Every time I asked something for my older sister, she always grants it. She always finds a way to give me what I asked of her. Though I am expecting something from her every time I asked a favor, the sister never fails to surprise me. Yes, I am always surprised because the sister gives to me what I asked on the unpredictable day. I must say my dear sister likes to surprise me. I never forget when she done it first time. I am really surprised. It was on 19th birthday when she gave me an expensive present. I didn’t expect it really because we both studying in college and yet she did bought me an expensive item.

Just yesterday my sister gave me something that surprises me, double the surprised because I am not asking of it. Well, she said she thought of me while she is buying something for herself. My dear sister is so thoughtful and kind. I am so blessed to have a sister like her. I felt guilty sometimes because I seldom give her something, especially on her birthday. But she understands me. Prayer is more than enough to her. Again, thank you sister for the present yesterday. Love you bunch!

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