Thinking of getting membership card

I have heard a lot on one of the newly opened shopping mall in the city like nice products, great offers, and the best part is the free taste foods.  I really wanted to go and shop there however, only the members can shop.  I felt really sad because I really want to try their products and tried the free taste items.LOL  The membership fee is a bit high and I do not have budget at that time so I never bothered to get a membership card.  I just said to myself that there are other shopping mall and grocery store in the city that does not require membership card anyway. lol

However, the sister went to that shopping mall and bought some stuffs.  She is not a member but her co-teacher is.  She went there with her co-teacher and pick some stuffs.  I saw the towel, grocery items, and others that the sister bought.  The shopping mall really does have nice products and they also have nice offers.  Shopping there is really nice and the membership fee is worth it.  I have talked to my sister about it and we agreed to get membership card so we can shop to that shopping mall anytime we want.  Hopefully we can get membership card soon so we can start shopping there.

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