Slipper for summer

 photo 10e1b2fb-4225-453c-a787-9c14661bec26_zpsna2fgtjn.jpgI have two slippers at home.  One inside the house and one that I will wear when I go out.  These days I do not like wearing sandals when I go out.  I feel more comfortable wearing slippers when I go to the mall, schools, park and when visiting relatives and friends.  My slippers are still in good conditions because I take good care of it.  I do not allow others to wear my slippers.  When any members of the family wants to wear it, I always say no.  They say names of me being like that, and I do not care.  That’s me!

Even if I still have two slippers, still I bought new slippers for summer.  I do not feel like wearing old slippers when we will have our summer gate away.  But before buying the slipper I am sharing, I thought many times first.  The style is unique and very comfortable to wear.  It is not plane, it is like massaging your foot sole.  Plus, it has 10% discount that makes the decision easy.

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