Start listing the things needed for the family summer gate away

As usual, I am in-charge in the upcoming summer gate away of the family.  I have the lists of nice white sand beaches already but haven’t decided where to go yet.  It is really difficult to decide because the kids like to go to the pool and the brothers wants the beach.  Last year, I was lucky to have found the resort that has pool and beach.  We agreed to go to different resort every year, so going back to the resort that we went last year is not a good idea. As far as I could, I want us to explore the nice white sand beaches in the nearby city.  Different beach, environment, view and experience is always the best.

I am in the middle of selecting the beach beach to go to this summer.  I have to be in a hurry because the day of our gate away is fast approaching.  Meanwhile, I am making a list of the things what to bring.  I have to list down carefully because the year I forgot to bring the  They are blaming me for it. arghs! I do not want to happen it again, so I am taking extra careful this time.  I asked the help of the sister, so this time, every thing will be taken cared of.  Hopefully when I decided where to go, they will like it.  If they don’t I really don’t care.LOL

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