It is best to buy in a store where you know someone

 photo 8da3ad67-f52a-45f6-9c45-50bfe5b5c819_zps7x0gnphy.jpgAfter checking everything at the kitchen, I noticed that I need to buy new kitchen organizer because the old one does not look good and a bit small.  I need a big one where I can put all the plates, utensils and glasses.  I have been to the nearest mall and almost bought kitchen organizer, thanks to my sister who is with me that time.  She told me that the one on display is not in good quality and the price is a bit high.  She also told me to go to the store that sells kitchen stuffs.  There are lots of items to choose from and of good quality.

The sister is really right, because at the store we we went, there are lots of kitchen organizer, bigger one, cheaper and of good quality.  I am glad I have a sister with me who is my critic when it comes to buying stuffs.  After we decided what to buy, the sister called the attendant, to our delight, the attendant is a friend of my sister.  It is like hitting the jackpot I must say, because we are not only buying a good quality of kitchen organizer, we also got a discount.  It is really best to buy in a store where you know someone because you will definitely get a discount.  Thanks to the friend of my sister.

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