Early shopping of school requirements

My four year old nephew is now enrolled in kindergarten 1.  The school gave the school requirements too.  Although he did not understand it well, the nephew is very excited after seeing the school where he will be studying.  The sister went to three different schools and decided to enroll her son in the less  crowded classroom, with at least 30 students in the classroom.  My sister is a teacher and she knows crowded classroom is not good.  She is glad that among the three school she visited, one school handles 30 students in every classroom.  She enrolled her son right away.

In three weeks, it is enrollment time.  The sister will be very and she will have no time to buy the school requirements of her son.  She already bought the requirements of her son.  I go with her as usual.  We bought new shoes, bag, lunch box and the school requirements.  Buying early is a good idea to avoid the crowd.  People likes to buy on a last minute shopping.  We used to do that and I must say it is tiring.  Long line in the cashier and supply is lacking.  The sister wants to avoid those scenario, so she opted to buy early.  Her next stop would be the school uniform of her son and she is done.

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