Our swimwear attire


Every time we go to the beach I usually wear typical swimsuit because it is more comfortable to wear underwater and not too heavy when I swim.  The disadvantage of wearing swimsuit is that the skin will be burned if I swim for hours.  Though I apply sunblock but still I am suffering from sunburn.  Sunburn is really painful especially by back.  This is the reason I decided to buy new swimwear attire when we go to the beach for our summer getaway.  I have seen people wearing rash guard going to beach.  I like it because it surely will protect my skin from sunburn.  I do not need to apply sunblock on my back and arms.

I went to the mall but rash guard is very expensive.  I cannot afford to buy too expensive swimwear attire.  I went to different store looking for affordable rash guard and I am glad I found one.  My sister and I bought two rash guards for ourselves.  See in the image above the rash guards that we bought.  I must say swimming if more fun without worrying for sunburn.  Even if we stayed four hours on the water, it is really okay because our skin is very much protected.

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