Buying with kids is no fun

Back when they were little, I like bringing them to the mall to have fun.  I just leave them at the play house to enjoy while I am buying groceries and other stuffs.  But now that they grow, I do not like to go out with them.  I do not think it is still fun to bring them with me because bringing them with me means more expenses to incurred.  They like to buy everything they saw at the mall especially foods.  When I do not buy what they like, I will be expecting a crying environment.  And the worse is that, they do care who sees them. Arghs!

Few days ago, I accompany them to the mall to buy their school requirements.  Their parents are both working, so I do not have any choice but to accompany them.  At first it was fun seeing them picking their requirements especially notebook because they get excited of the covers.  After we are done buying the school requirements, the war started.  The three of them are pointing the foods they like, the toys they want, and etc.  I feel like my head is going to explode listening to them.  Because we do not have budgets for those wants, I stick to my “NO” answer.  I am used to their cries so it doesn’t affect at that much.haha!

The next time, I swear to not bring them with me because it is no fun to have them with me when I am buying.  whew!

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