Trying new brand and I hope it works

I have mentioned many times already about my hair problem.  It is so brittle, falling hair and dry.  I have tired products that was suggested by friends and in the salon, but it doesn’t work well.  I also tried natural way (herbal) but still it is not working on my hair.  Yes, I am desperate to find an answer to my crowning glory issues.  Some advises me to go to the professionals but it will cost me I am sure.  I do not have budget for that, that is why I am asking suggestions from people I know, and searching online.  I know it is not good, but I am taking risks.

I used anti-hair fall shampoo and hair cream but I do not see any changes that is why I opted to stop.  I shifted to another brand.  The brand that I saw in the advertisement.  The smell is nice and my hair is so soft.  It is a bit expensive compared to the previous shampoos that I used and I hope that this shampoo will give good result.  I really hope that this shampoo will help me resolve the problem of my hair especially the hair fall issue because my crowning glory is getting thinner and thinner.  I am crossing my fingers that this new brand that I am using will works.

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