Girly talks with my niece

I used to see my niece playing her favorite toys, running in the backyard playing with her siblings and friends and seeing her looks so messy.  I am surprised when I saw her fixing herself in front of the mirror.  She always fixed her hair, combing her hair, making sure she looks good every time she goes out of the house to meet her new sets of friends in the neighborhood.  My God the niece is getting bigger and I am getting older.  Although I like seeing her fixing herself in front of the mirror, it makes me sad thinking that sooner they do not like me around them

I have heard them once talking about crushes.  OMG! My niece is in dangerous stage.  The stage of confusion and curiosity.  However, I do not worry a lot because the niece is the kind of girl that always asked my opinion about the things that she wants to learn and know about.  Yes, I am like her mother because she is closer to me than her mother.  Well, she grow up in my arms and under my care.  I like it when she asked me about adolescence/teenagers stage.  It is scary indeed but I give my best advice and opinion about certain things.  I sometimes makes joke because she gives me frowning face.

Anyways, I like our girly talks because I haven’t experience it when I was at her age because my mother past away when I was nine (9).  Thanks to my niece for this experience/s.

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