Excited to go and shop

I mentioned in my previous post about the certain department store in the city wherein only the members can go and shop.  I felt sad because not all are welcome to go and shop.  I have heard good things about this department store even if the prices are a bit high.  I am so intrigue that is why I am eager to go and pay the membership fee.  The membership fee is quiet high for me.  I told the brother about this and asked if he could give me the membership fee amount.  And since my older sister has credit card, she will be the one who will fill up the membership form.  I am glad that my brother agreed.

Last Friday, the sister went to the department store and she is now a member.  This is it!  I am so excited to go and shop.  I cannot wait till the next shopping schedule of my sister, maybe next month.  I should get my list ready for the next shopping schedule.  Of course the things on my list are not my personal use.  Before shopping I should consult my brother first and get his approval because he will be the one giving the money.

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