Save than to Spend

As early as today, my sister wants to starts buying things for Christmas.  She wants to avoid the crowded malls and department stores when the Christmas seasons sets in.  During this season people are so busy shopping for the Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and gifts for their love ones.  The sister is busier because her eldest will be celebrating his birthday on the 25th of December.  That is why she wants to shop early.  She wants that everything is ready and prepared before the day of the event/s arrives.  She already has the lists of things to buy.

The other day, the sister went to the mall and started buying.  I wanted to go with her because I thought of buying new t-shirt and maybe buying more when I see interesting item at the mall.  However, I changed my mind because at this time, I guess it is best to save than to spend.  I do not need new t-shirt that much.  To save for the rainy season is the best thing to do.  The discounts at the malls are tempting but I just close my eyes.  I can buy other stuffs when I have extra.  Closing my eyes of those items with discounts is better to refrain myself from buying.LOL

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