Pampering myself

When was the last time I am pampering myself?  The question I asked to myself last Sunday when I went to mall to pay my internet bill.  The question just came across my mind while waiting for my number to be called.  Oh, it has been a while since the last time I did that.  I forgot doing it and I missed doing it.  After all the tiring days at home doing household chores and baby sitting, it is just right to treat myself and enjoy my me time while I am alone.  Well, I deserved a break and enjoy life, after all I am single.haha!

Anyways, after paying the internet bill I went to my favorite place and order my favorite.  I treat myself first when good meal.  Arghs!  I really missed doing it with my sister before.  They say that eating alone is lonely, yes it is, but at that moment, I like it because it is peaceful and no kids to attend to.LOL  I take my time savoring my favorites.  After eating I started doing window shopping, but end up buying few personal stuffs.  Indeed shopping is fun more fun if you did not plan it.  It is more interesting because you do not know what you like to buy.  You just pick stuffs that interests you.  My me time was fun and I love doing it again!  Maybe next week again. haha!

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