All set for the nephew’s 5th birthday

The nephew will turn five on Christmas day.  The sister is very busy preparing for his son’s special day.  She already bought the things needed.  Also planned a simple children party and will have parlor games for the kids to enjoy and have fun.  I helped her in choosing the foods she will be going to prepare.  Her original plan will be just a simple dinner with the family and treat the kids to their favorite play area at the mall, however, everything changed when her in-laws informing them that they will be coming.  And since nephew’s cousins will be coming too, the children’s party is planned.

This will be a memorable birthday for the nephew because his grandparents, aunts, uncle and cousins from the province are coming to celebrate with them.  They seldom see each other because they live very far from them.  They will make this day enjoyable and fun for every body.  Also, we invited some close friends at school.  The simple plan now becomes an exciting one.  Loath bags are ready with sweets in it, ordered birthday cake, balloons and planning the lunch pack for the kids.  All is set I must say and we are waiting for the nephew’s big day.  Hopefully invited people will come.

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