Excited to have our girl bonding

It has been awhile since the last time the sister and I have our facial spa.  I really missed those times when we have this kind of pampering.  The sister has been very busy with her job and her married life with two kids.  She does not have time for self pampering because no one will look after her kids.  She has not found a nanny yet.  We planned to have our facial spa after Christmas day but she gets so tired after the birthday of her son.  She prefers to stay at home and have more time to rest.  Said, she needed it most than facial spa because classes will resume very soon.

The facial spa pampering was not able to push through.  I hope that the sister will find time before my birthday.haha!  It would be the best birthday gift for me this year.  Well, I have receives lots of presents from my sister and all of it are special.  I am so excited to have our girl bonding one of these days.   I want to thank my sister in advance for this wonderful treat.  I have done hair pampering a week ago, and it is time to have facial pampering before my birthday.  Thinking about it makes me so excited.  I picture out the pretty and fresh me on my birthday.

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