Part-time Job Online

The friend of my father who works in the insurance company offered me to do part-time job online as insurance agent.  Since I am at home and doing blogging, he thought of hiring me.  I have a little knowledge about insurance job because my older once tried this job while she is waiting for the result of her application for a teacher in the government.  She told me that in order to be an effective insurance agent I do to double my time looking for clients, also I should have wide connections to have recommendation for possible clients.  It is not an easy job indeed!

Yesterday, we had a little discussion about it.  He said that he will told me everything about the job so I can earn extra income while at home apart from the money earn from blogging.  The opportunity is nice but I do not think I can do it.  I do not have the skill to convince someone to get an insurance.  Yes, I do blogging but insurance agent is far different what I do in blogging.  Doing blogging is better because I am my own boss, I can do my job anytime I want and no pressure at all.  I guess I have to decline the job offered because I can do the job well.  Thanks for the offer anyway.

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