It is best to consult professionals first

What I like about my new found friends at the school where my nephew studied is that we have lots of things in common.  We like to discuss many things that is related about our daily life.  We like to tackle lots of issues in life and we are sharing our opinions, ideas and views of the certain topic.  I so liked it because it broaden my knowledge and I get information that is so helpful.  Sometimes we are serious, sometimes we are not.  We laugh a lot and enjoying each others company.  No dull moments with them so to speak.

Today our topic is about slimming capsule.  This is because one in our group wanted to lose weight.  She is so worried of her belly and arms.  To us she looks just fine, but in her eyes, she is so fat and wanted to lose it very badly.  Since I have tried taking slimming capsule in the past, I shared to her my experience to give her an  idea to make her diet program effective.  I told her that before using the slimming capsule, it is best to consult professionals/doctor/dietrician first  to make her goal/s effective.  I also told her to make sure the slimming capsule she wants to take is safe.

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