Wanted to do some experimentation

When I do not have much time to do at home, one of the things that I will do to checking my closet.  By then, I can think of what I am going to do.  I have thought of arranging my clothes and separate those clothes that I seldom wear or those that does not fit to me anymore.  Few days ago, I was looking of a t-shirt that I am going to wear to fetch the nephew at school.  While looking I saw the t-shirt that I no longer wear.  I thought of a way to dispose it or maybe renovate it.

It has been a while since the last time I did some experimentation of the old clothes I have.  I am a frustration fashion designer, so I cut the clothes and sewed it myself.  The outcome is not that bad, I can still wear it and I am happy seeing my new creation.haha!  It was years ago, and I want to do it again this time because I have some old clothes and t-shirts.  I am now thinking of the designs that I am going to make.  I am turning on the designer mode and I am ready to do some experimentation of my old clothes.  I do hope that I will still like the outcome.  Good luck to me!

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