Say no to Buy-one Take-one for now

Usually I grabbed when there is buy-one take-one offer and I like the items.  Even is I do not have extra and it will ruined my budget, I do not really care as long as it makes me happy and I like what I bought.  To me, buying the things that I like is an investment.  An investment that I will treasure and will take good care because it cost me a lot from ruining my budget.haha!  Well, sometimes I am an impulsive buyer.  The thing that my sister nagged me for being like that.  I so wish to refrain myself from being so impulsive.

Just last week, there is an awesome buy-one take-one offer of mobile phone in celebration for the Valentine’s day.  The timing is so perfect since the sister is thinking of buying new phone and I want to have new one too because I am planning to give my old one to my niece.  I told the sister about it and she agreed.  I know I am being impulsive again, but I have thought of it over night and decided to say now for now.  The following day, the sister also told me that she will pass because there are lots of priorities to be considered.  We both decided not to and no regrets.  Maybe next time when we both have extra to buy new phone.  And I am so proud of myself for this decision.

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2 Responses to “Say no to Buy-one Take-one for now”

  1. Gagay says:

    awp! toooo sayang! giignan unta ko nimu, aron kita duha..hehehehe

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