Her first try is disappointing

We all know that online shopping and online store is trending nowadays.  Seller are posting RTW items, bags, shoes, accessories and many others.  I tried shopping online before and my experience is not good.  The items that was delivered to me has small hole.  I really regret it.  And I promise that I will not try shopping online.  It is still best to shop when you saw the items personally and touch it to know if it is on good quality.  I shared my experienced to my family and they felt sorry for me.  Well, I just charged to experience.

Even though I told my experienced to my family, still my SIL tried to shop online maybe because she knows the seller.  The trust is there.  Just yesterday the bags and the rash guard with shorts that she ordered arrived.  She was smiling while opening the package.  But that smile did not last long after seeing the fabric of the rash guard and the shorts.  The quality of the fabric is not good and it did not fit to her.  I tried fitting it but did not fit to me as well.  It is very small.  And the zipper of the bag that she ordered is busted.

Her first time is very disappointing and a failure.  Again, charge it to experience.  She did not listen to my experience maybe because she wants to experience it personally.  Good thing the rash guard fitted to her first born or else she will go wild.LOL!  Shopping online is risky especially if the store is new.  It is best to shop online to the online store that is known and sells good quality of products and brands.

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