Sunblock to the rescue

Every time I go out, I only put powder on my face to at least lessen the oily look.  Well, my face is not so vain.  I do not apply anything on my face anymore after the not so good experienced I had before.  My face is a bit sensitive when it comes to beauty products.  I have tried several products that I bought over the counter and friends recommendation and I got this itchy feeling and face turns reddish after applying.  After that I never bother to apply anything on my face except powder and I am fine with it.  Guess, my face is simple like me.haha!

However, the heat of the sun nowadays is no joke.  And I have noticed my skin turns dark brown especially my face.  I do not like seeing my face in the mirror.  Even my sister notices it.  She said that I need to apply sunblock on my face to protect my skin from the heat of the sun.  Even though I am scared on the reaction of my skin, I still tried the sunblock she bought for me last week.  It is my third day today and so far no reaction at all.  The sunblock is mild on my skin and I like it.  I will be using this sunblock from now on to protect my skin.  Sunblock to the rescue, especially now that summer is approaching.

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