Wedding Preparation

My older brother is getting married this year but no exact date yet.  My brother and his fiancee is in the process of preparing everything for the big day.  They want to take it slowly but surely.  I am so excited of the wedding and wanted to help them for the preparation.   I am not a professional but I can say that I would do my very best to make their big day memorable and fun.  Just like what we did during the wedding of my older sister.  We did the giveaways, wedding invitations, and the flow of the wedding.  It was my first time doing it and I am so happy because the sister’s wedding was a blast.

Their wedding will be held at the girl’s province.  So, I picture it out of what would be the set up.  They want it simple but memorable.  Since it is in the province, I do not want to exert more effort on the background.  I will say that we will focus on the giveaways, wedding invitation, photos and the flow of the wedding.  I will make sure that the newlywed will have a memorable wedding day that they will treasure forever.  Hopefully they will ask for a help because I will surely give my hands to help them on their wedding preparation.

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