Thanks for the shopping treat

Before our trip to the province, I went to the another city to visit my older brother also to get the money that my father asked.  I went with the nieces so they can visit their uncle too.  We arrived at lunch time.  We had lunch at their house and do  bit chit-chat with him and my soon to be sister-in-law.  Doing the chit-chat with her makes our relationship a bit closer.  We did have lots of talks and laughs as well.  She is indeed a very nice lady.  We do not intend to stay longer because I have some other stuffs to do at home before the travel.  But I was not able to come back early.

After lunch, the sister-in-law suggested to go to the nearest mall.  I did not answer right away because I do not wish to stay longer, but since it is sort of once in a life time chance because they live very far from us, I said yes in few minutes of thinking.LOL  I did not regret the sister-in-law’s invitation because she treated us.  She bought two jumpers for the nieces and two tops for me too.  I did have fun at the mall with her.  Thank you very much sister-in-law for the treat.  I really love the to tops you brought for me.  Till next time…LOL

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