Need to buy new umbrella

Every time I go out, one of the things that I should bring is the umbrella.  Umbrella to keep my skin safe from the heat of the sun and protect me when it rains.  The weather in the country is unpredictable.  It is sunny but suddenly the weather changes in the afternoon. Especially now that it is rainy season here.  It is a must to bring umbrella.  The bad news is that my umbrella is full of rust. I have my umbrella for three years now and I am a bit sad that I need to let go of my umbrella.  And that makes me sad.

I need to buy new umbrella I must say and I do not have extra.sigh!  For the mean time I am using the old umbrella even if the look is not good.  You can see the rust all over.LOL  It doesn’t matter to me as long as I am well protected.  I went to the mall where I bought my old umbrella and sadly the same stock of my umbrella is no longer available.  The one that is available is a bit expensive.  The sister told me that it is not sensible.  I guess I have to settle with my tarnish umbrella until I find the one that I am looking for.

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