Excited to buy things for the baby

In two months my sister will give birth to her third child.  And it is a girl.  We are so excited to see the little princess in the family.  I missed carrying a baby in my arms and missed having baby at home.  Well, I just so love kids very much.  I was there during the gender ultrasound and I am so happy when the doctor told us that it is a baby girl.  It is an answered prayers because the sister has been praying to have a baby girl.  Their family is now complete, with boys and girl in the family.  I am so happy and excited for my sister.

Next month the sister will start buying stuffs for her little girl.  I am so excited because I have been longing to buy little dresses for baby girl.  Dressing up a little girl is like dressing up a doll.  The sister is already listed the stuffs she is going to buy and as always I will be going with her.  Yay, I am so excited.  More pink stuffs is coming up.  Hopefully the sister will finished listing the stuffs for her baby girl so we can start buying soon.  I am to the mall the other day and went to infant section, lots of beautiful stuffs there and it is on sale.  Perfect to shop when items are on sale.

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