The night market is back to business

Last Friday the city’s night market is in chaos because of he bomb that exploded, killed 14 people and injured 70 people.  It was a nightmare to all the people who were there enjoying the night and having fun at the night market.  The following day the city is so quite.  The people got scared and opted to stay at home than enjoying the weekend with the family because of series of bomb threat in the city.  It made the people got scared of what happened. I am sad also because I so wanted to go to the night market but did not able to because I do not have someone to go with me.

Fortunately, the night market is back to business now.  The show must go on, as they say.  The vendors has to continue their business for their family.  Hopefully the city will be in peace especially at the night market so the people will continue make a living.  For now, I do not have the urge to go to the night market because I am scared also.  My father told me to avoid crowded places for now that bomb threat are everywhere.  Hope that this threat will stop so the people will live in peace and for the people to not be scared.  Also for me to try the night market.

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