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Coconut shampoo for my brittle hair

I have been using different brands of shampoo for my thin, brittle hair and hair fall issue.  Still have found the right shampoo for my hair.  I have tried the suggested shampoo of some friends and from the lady does hair rebonding at the salon.  And, tried herbal shampoo too.  I am a bit frustrated at times, but opted not to think too much about it.  I just told myself that I am still blessed.  I am so worried of the severe hair fall and brittle hair.  My nieces told me that my hair is too thin.  My sister told me to cut my hair, but I do not like short hair.  I find it difficult to fix short hair.  Also, if I cut it short, I might look bald.haha!

Anyways, the other day a neighbor approaches me and offered me her coconut herbal shampoo.  She told me that it is best for my brittle and thin hair.  It will also, help prevent hair fall.  I almost bought one on that day but changed my mind after asking if she has tried her product.  My hair is my crowning glory even if it is not that beautiful, I should be careful of what product I am using especially if it is new to me.  I have learned my lesson from buying product over the counter because of the bad experienced.  And I do not want to happen again.  Hopefully, that product will work for her so I can try it for my hair as well.

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Hair wigs as your crowning glory?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I know you already heard the saying that ‘hair is your crowning glory’. Do you believe in that? Perhaps you believe in it and that is why you take good care of your hair to make it more beautiful each day.

What about if you experience baldness? What will you do? Okay, when you experience baldness, you do not need to worry about it. You can easily use hair wigs to hide your hair flaws and use it as your crowning glory. You can choose any of the synthetic wigs, Remy hair wigs, and Natural wigs. Synthetic wigs are reasonably priced as these products are made from acrylic and nylon. Remy hair wigs are high-quality products which are made from natural hair and are carefully arranged like the cuticles are still present and every hair shafts are placed in same directions. Natural hair wigs are usually made with highest quality and kind of high price.

There are many brands of hair wigs in the market today. One brand is freetress hair wigs. These wigs are beautiful and good quality. Given the proper care and putting it in a proper place, this brand of wigs will last for a long time.

When you want to shop for different styles of wigs, different colors, and different brands, do check This is one of the leading e-commerce stores that sell thousands of wigs and hair care products. Most of the products are discounted and with your order of $49 or more, you can enjoy free US shipping. Shop anytime at your convenience!

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Sunblock to the rescue

Every time I go out, I only put powder on my face to at least lessen the oily look.  Well, my face is not so vain.  I do not apply anything on my face anymore after the not so good experienced I had before.  My face is a bit sensitive when it comes to beauty products.  I have tried several products that I bought over the counter and friends recommendation and I got this itchy feeling and face turns reddish after applying.  After that I never bother to apply anything on my face except powder and I am fine with it.  Guess, my face is simple like me.haha!

However, the heat of the sun nowadays is no joke.  And I have noticed my skin turns dark brown especially my face.  I do not like seeing my face in the mirror.  Even my sister notices it.  She said that I need to apply sunblock on my face to protect my skin from the heat of the sun.  Even though I am scared on the reaction of my skin, I still tried the sunblock she bought for me last week.  It is my third day today and so far no reaction at all.  The sunblock is mild on my skin and I like it.  I will be using this sunblock from now on to protect my skin.  Sunblock to the rescue, especially now that summer is approaching.

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Trying new products

I have been complaining about the problem of my hair, my crowning glory.  Hair fall is severe and it is so brittle.  I have tried various of hair cream, thickening shampoo, and other herbal treatment but none of these are showing improvements.  Yes, I am so desperate because my hair is getting thinner.  I can’t desire the hair style that I want because of the hair’s condition.  I wanted to have long straight hair, but every time my hair gets longer, it started to fall and get brittle.  I have asked people from the salon every time I have hair pampering of what would be the best way to make my hair thick and stronger but not effective.

Just recently, my younger brother shared to me the shampoo that he is using.  He has been using it for three months and it does shows improvements.  His hair is thicken.  Well, not all products that works for others will work for me but still I am trying my lack.  Hopefully my hair will get thicken and the brittle issue will be resolved so I can have the desired hairstyle that I want.  I am trying the new products for hair treatment that my brother is suggesting.  I have been using it for almost two months now.  So far, I seen hair grows.  Good luck to me!

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