Coconut shampoo for my brittle hair

I have been using different brands of shampoo for my thin, brittle hair and hair fall issue.  Still have found the right shampoo for my hair.  I have tried the suggested shampoo of some friends and from the lady does hair rebonding at the salon.  And, tried herbal shampoo too.  I am a bit frustrated at times, but opted not to think too much about it.  I just told myself that I am still blessed.  I am so worried of the severe hair fall and brittle hair.  My nieces told me that my hair is too thin.  My sister told me to cut my hair, but I do not like short hair.  I find it difficult to fix short hair.  Also, if I cut it short, I might look bald.haha!

Anyways, the other day a neighbor approaches me and offered me her coconut herbal shampoo.  She told me that it is best for my brittle and thin hair.  It will also, help prevent hair fall.  I almost bought one on that day but changed my mind after asking if she has tried her product.  My hair is my crowning glory even if it is not that beautiful, I should be careful of what product I am using especially if it is new to me.  I have learned my lesson from buying product over the counter because of the bad experienced.  And I do not want to happen again.  Hopefully, that product will work for her so I can try it for my hair as well.

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Pink motif for a friend’s wedding

July 28, 2017, I got a call from a friend inviting me to her wedding.  Her wedding is on July 30, 2017.  The invitation is very abrupt and I thought of not coming to her wedding.  But thinking that she took the time to call me and told me to come is something that I should not turn down.  She told me to wear pink attire because her motif is pink.  Good thing I have the pink dress which I bought during the baptismal of my niece last December 25, 2016.  I do not have to worry about what to wear because I already have the pink dress.  Because if I do not have the pink dress, I might not come because of the abrupt decision and I do not have time to go to the mall.

The pink wedding is nice and very feminine.  Makes me think that if I were to get married, I might consider pink as a motif.  Hopefully soon.haha!  I must find my knight and shining armor first to make that dream come true.  Anyways, I am thankful to my friend for inviting me to witness one of the important events of her life.  I wish her happiness, successful married life and lots of kids to raise.  May God bless her marriage life.  One thing that makes the wedding unusual is that the one throwing the bouquet of flowers is her husband and he gathered the invited single gentlemen to catch the bouquet of flowers.  It is cute though and it is funny that the gentlemen are all game to catch it.

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Making use of what is available

This week is a career guidance week at school.  There is a program at the school where students are encouraged to wear the of what they want to be when they grew up.  The nieces are confused about what they want to be because they have several in minds.  They want to become a nurse, want to take up computer related course, a teacher, flight attendant, and doctor.  They are in the middle of selecting the costume to wear.  My 11 years old niece is a bit picky, she makes sure that she will look good and her dress/costume will stand out.  While my 14 years old niece is confused about what she really wants.

Since they can’t decide yet, I give my unsolicited advice.haha!  I told them that since they do not have enough time and looking for another costume will cost a bit and no one will help them in doing it because their parents are both working.  Because to become a teacher is one of their choices, why not wear a school uniform of their aunt (my sister) who is a teacher.  My sister has lots of old school uniforms.  Instead of spending, why not make use of what is available.  I am glad that the nieces consider my suggestion.  And now they are wearing an old school uniform of their aunt.  To be picky is not applicable when you are running out of time and budget.  Good luck to the future teachers in the family.wink*

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Hair wigs as your crowning glory?

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

I know you already heard the saying that ‘hair is your crowning glory’. Do you believe in that? Perhaps you believe in it and that is why you take good care of your hair to make it more beautiful each day.

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There are many brands of hair wigs in the market today. One brand is freetress hair wigs. These wigs are beautiful and good quality. Given the proper care and putting it in a proper place, this brand of wigs will last for a long time.

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