I do not like the tattered jeans I bought

I am not into trendy kinds of stuff when it comes to fashion.  I like to buy and wear clothes that are comfortable to wear and fits me well.  But this time, I really like the tattered jeans.  It looks very sexy to wear and I want to have one.  I went to different department store and mall but have not found the kind that I want.  I also checked at the online store.  There are lots of small entrepreneurs doing business by selling using social media.  Even though I promise before that I will not do online shopping after the bad experienced I had in the past.  Still, I try my luck and crossing my fingers too.

The tattered jeans I bought online arrives last Saturday.  I am so happy because I really like the style.  However, when I fit it does not fits me at all.  The waistline is just fine but my legs are not.  I am fatty legs and the jeans are for thin legs.  I can’t walk straight I must say.  Again, my second attempt failed and I am so sad.  I should have kept my promise not to shop online again.  Guess I have to charge it to my experience, again.arghs!  I do not know what am I going to do with the tattered jeans that I bought.  I offered it to my sister and told her to pay the half price.  I hope she likes it and fits her too.

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Happy of my online purchase

After the disappointing first attempt of shopping online, I swear that I will not go shop online again.  It is still best to shop at the mall where you can see, touch the fabric and fit it.  But due to my busy life, I cannot go to the mall when I want to because of the obligations I have at home.  I am single but I am living like a married woman with kids because of the nieces and nephews that I have to take care too.  Again, I am not complaining just saying.haha!  Because I love what I am doing and spending time with them is the treasure that I will cherish forever.

Anyways, while I am doing my online routine, I saw a very nice dress.  I really like it and want to buy it, but thinking of the bad experienced I had, I said no.  I tried to look for the same dress in the malls, RTW stores, and department stores in the city but I have not found one.  Every time I open my laptop to do my online routine, I keep on looking on the dress that I  really like.  I am tempt to order many times but refrain myself from doing so.  Indeed, when you want to own a thing, you will everything to have it and will take a risk.  Yes, I am taking a risk.  I made an order last week and the dress arrived two days ago.  It was worth the purchase because I like the dress and it fits me.  Worth the purchase and risk.  I am happy of my online purchase this time and I guess will shop again soon.

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Her first try is disappointing

We all know that online shopping and online store is trending nowadays.  Seller are posting RTW items, bags, shoes, accessories and many others.  I tried shopping online before and my experience is not good.  The items that was delivered to me has small hole.  I really regret it.  And I promise that I will not try shopping online.  It is still best to shop when you saw the items personally and touch it to know if it is on good quality.  I shared my experienced to my family and they felt sorry for me.  Well, I just charged to experience.

Even though I told my experienced to my family, still my SIL tried to shop online maybe because she knows the seller.  The trust is there.  Just yesterday the bags and the rash guard with shorts that she ordered arrived.  She was smiling while opening the package.  But that smile did not last long after seeing the fabric of the rash guard and the shorts.  The quality of the fabric is not good and it did not fit to her.  I tried fitting it but did not fit to me as well.  It is very small.  And the zipper of the bag that she ordered is busted.

Her first time is very disappointing and a failure.  Again, charge it to experience.  She did not listen to my experience maybe because she wants to experience it personally.  Good thing the rash guard fitted to her first born or else she will go wild.LOL!  Shopping online is risky especially if the store is new.  It is best to shop online to the online store that is known and sells good quality of products and brands.

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An interesting instrument to have

Since online shopping is the trend today, I browse over the internet to find something interesting. I am not thinking of doing online shopping but if I like what I see, I would definitely buy one for me. Of course I have to consider my wallet first. Haha! Since I am thinking of buying and MP3, I type music instruments and gadgets on search engine. There are several of links that pop ups. I am on the third link when I saw the adams marimba from musicians friend. The instrument looks really interesting to me. I feel like touching the keys. I haven’t seen this kind of instrument before to be honest that is why I am interested to know about this instrument. If I have the chance and opportunity, I would surely want to have this instrument and practice how to play it.

How do you find this instrument? Are you interested to have and play with it too?

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