Ointment for skin itchiness

 As far as I know I do not have skin allergy.  But I have this skin itchiness for weeks now.   It started when we went swimming in the public pool.  This is the disadvantage of swimming in the public swimming pool.  Since then I keep on scratching my arms, back and neck.  It makes me mad sometimes because I am losing patience.  It is not my first-time swimming in the public pool and I do not have this itchiness then.  I guess the pool that time is really dirty.LOL My niece and older sister has the same itchiness too but it is gone now.  My itchiness stays for weeks and I really hate it.

I told the sister about it and showed to her my arms and back.  I tried putting herbal oil but it is not helping.  Also tried the ointment that my sister and it is not working too. I do not like looking at my arms now because of the rashes that gives me so much itch.  I hope to find ointment that I can buy over the counter because I do not like going to the doctor for I do not have budget.  I pray that somebody can suggest for medicine or ointment that I can use so this itchiness will be gone for good.  In fact, I am scratching my arms while writing this article.  And it is because I eat chicken that is not good for skin allergy.argsh!

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